The international law firm MM-LEGALE is specialized mainly in the areas of civil – commercial and business law. We offer our clients comprehensive legal advice, decision support and represent effectively our clients' interests in court by offering litigation support. The legal solution stands in direct context to the economic requirements of our clients. The firm is headquartered in Nuremberg (Germany) and was founded by lawyer Maryam Mamozai. Soon after the law firm extended with his branch office in Italy, Bergamo, near the economic capital of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy. Maryam Mamozai was registered as the first German lawyer in the Bar Association Bergamo, where she works today as a so called Avvocato stabilito as well as German Rechtsanwältin. Thereafter followed the local expansion of the firm with an expansion to France. Since 2015 the firm MM - LEGALE cooperates successfully with the French law firm in Paris CLEVERLEX in Franco German legal relations and offers legal consultancy to medium-sized companies of all genres. The focus of our activities are consultancy to medium-sized international companies, but also the interests of private individuals with cross-border advisory needs. The firm philosophy is the development of individual and tailor-made solutions for our clients, business-oriented approach, limitless flexibility and years of experience in international legal relations. Our core competencies are based in the international private - and commercial law, in transportation and forwarding law, foreign trade law, customs law and especially in the German-Italian Commercial Law. Particularly we offer legal consultancy in international contexts and represent our clientele in contract negotiations. Especially in Italy and France we support medium-sized companies in the field of incorporation, location-establishing and maintaining active. Our particular activity is also in the field of consultancy in German-Italian and German-French real estate law.


Lately the firm was working on an international network for the establishment of German-Jordanian legal consultancy area by progressively working with the Jordanian firm Haytham EREIFEJ & ASSOCIATES in Amman (Jordan) to support medium-sized German companies in the entry in the Jordanian economic market, but also in the Libanese market.

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