Our clients are in the range of contracts in international business transactions, small and midsize businesses that are already in foreign markets doing or want to be. Especially the international commerce harbors exists excellent growth opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. We support our clientele in their growth by giving to them through individually tailored contractual arrangements the security that they needs for a constant growth and a smooth market development and market establishment.

Our main focus: the European Community law, international private and commercial law as well as the respective legal systems of the countries.

In these areas, we have a sound knowledge and many years of experience to safely prepare our clientele on cross-border transactions.


A successfully negotiation and enforcing its positions does not only require intercultural competence, but also the ability to engage in international business transactions to the respective mentality and negotiation methodology. Maryam Mamozai accompanies our clientele for many years successfully in contract negotiations.

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